Galloway Hoard (the place we keep our treasures)

Private Cedar Room Ft. The Axe Wall: Another one of our amazing special attractions is our Axe Wall that is located in our cedar private room that you can book for small parties of up to 20 people. It displays over 50 different unique axes and it is a must see! So don't forget to book your parties with us to be served drinks like a viking! SKOL!

Friendship Table: Tale of The Friendship Tree

With only a couple of centuries under my belt, Four for those counting, I produced loads of pecans in my home state of Virginia. I had some hardships over my life and had to separate myself. But over time I reunited as one. For those of you who are sitting at the end, always remember there will be hardships and you might need to put some space in-between, but together we can get through anything life brings.

Model Longship: The longship rests on the lights water above the entry door bringing you in and taking you home just as they once were used for transportation for the vikings.

Outdoor Seating and Games: Not only do we have an abundance of seating inside, we also serve and take care of our guests outside on our patio that's fitted with tables, chairs, fire-pits, and outdoor games. We have Giant Connect-4 as well as BruBag which is a cross between Corn Hole and Beer Pong.

Golden Hops Light Fixtures: These unique golden light fixtures caught the eye of one of our vikings as he was off at sea, but the gold wasn't what made him decide to bring it home, it was the fact that it looked like a hop plant. So our viking plucked these golden hops and brought them home for all our friends and family to enjoy. SKOL!

Cedar Tap Wall: The beautiful red wood of a cedar tree makes its presence around the brewery. As our entire private room is embodied in it and out tap wall putrudes from it. Real wood seems to be around us less and less and we wanted to keep that nostalgic feeling of our longships, homes, and mead halls for everyone to enjoy.

Shields & Traditional Viking Armor: We have made sure to gear up while we make our stand and fight to protect our friends and family who walk within our walls with our leather-made armor and wooden shields. Only to defend with our mighty axes as a last resort.