Mobile Taproom

Hello from Buzzed Viking! We are a local brewery in Concord and Locust North Carolina where we make our crafts for our fellow patrons in house. What makes us special? We serve mead! If you haven't had mead yet it is a honey wine standing tall at 12% per 8oz pour-now that's a drink made for a Viking! Traditionally Vikings drank it to celebrate an event, let Buzzed Viking do the same! The party doesn't just happen at one of our two locations, but we can come to you too! Get your buzz on at home! We have served at festivals, weddings, venues, neighborhoods, and parties with our certified and trained beertenders. Let us help you make your tap list for your special occasion!

Mobile Taproom includes:

▪Certified, trained, and insured beertender(s)
▪10 taps of beer, cider, or mead
▪Soft drinks

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